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Fire Pits 2.'*

The fire pit below is a new project for us and is still being modified to this day. We are now planning for the fiber optics in all 14 waterfalls! If you look carefully you will see then before we install the lighting. We have been working with new ways of altering fire and we have found how to burn hydrogen! For now you will see the flame change to a lighter more orange flame when the hydrogen hits the fire. We have found how to make fire tornadoes in the process, which makes for a spectacular flame effect! Now for the pictures. We also installed a complete mister system all around the water fall and fire pits to help with the hydrogen.
The 2 below are at dusk with no fire and only lights
fire 1fire 2
fire 3fire 4
The one above is with the flames starting
The 2 below are of the right side and a full shoot
fire 5fire 6
Do you see the face the water fall makes with the fire on? We call it a Pirate!
fire 7fire 8
fire 9fire 10
You can see the fire changing in the pictures above and below.
fire 11fire 12
fire 13fire 14
fire 15fire 16
fire 17fire 18
fire 20fire 21
fire 22fire 23
fire 24fire 25
fire 26fire 27
fire 28fire 29
fire 30fire 31
fire 32fire 33
fire 34fire 35
There were 2=42" stainless steel pans made and filled with 3 stainless steel burners in each pan. The water runs through the pans helping with the hydrogen. The colors used was a Bronze base and Bronze Reflective with Gold on top.
fire 36fire 37
fire 38
The next step is to install the fiber optics. Keep checking back!
This is how it began! 5 days to finish this project.
fire 39
fire 40
fire 43fire 41
fire 42
fire 44
fire 45
fire 46
fire 47


Starfire Installed below

The fire pit below has a 1/4" Clear, 1/2" Clear base with Red Orange Topping, Emerald Green Topping and Light Sky Blue Topping. The was a basic wood burning fire pit purchased locally and converted with our fire pit propane kit (FPPK)

The fire pit below has a half round 4 piece stainless steel ring custom made to fit the shape of the fire pit.

The fire pit below has Bronze and Bronze Reflective installed and is located in Canada. This is one very nice backyard make over!
ov 1ov 1a
ov 2ov 2a
ov 3ov 3a

The fire pit below has Azurlite as a base and Ice on top making the letter Y
by 1by 2
by 3by 4
by 5by 6

The fire pit below will show you how not to do it (bad plumbing) and how easy it is to install a battery operated remote control. The glass used was Ford Blue and we installed 2 44" stainless steel "H" burners.
m 1m 3
In the pictures on the top right, do you see the plumbing sticking out of the pit? Well this was fixed, but not by the plumber that tried to install it. We cut a little bit of concrete and placed the valve in properly.
m 4
Above you will see a very poor attempt of a gas burner and valve.
m 5
The picture above has our twin remotes inside the box protected from the weather.
m 6m 7
m 8m 9
m 10
We covered the larger lava rock with our crushed lava rock to pour a 1 1/2" Ford Blue base to cover the lava and burners. Unless you plan to cover your outdoor fire pit we recommend to use all stainless steel burners and parts to avoid rusting.
m 11
Once the glass covers the box, it just looks nice. To replace the batteries, move the glass on the top and the rest is simple.
m 12m 13
m 14m 15
m 16m 17
m 18
The fire pit above is at the Torrance Marriott in California.

The fire bowl below is one of our newest products/ projects. The first one went to Ramsey Burton in Kentucky of which after he installs it is his ten foot granite table we will show you pictures of his project. This is a 48" spun aluminum bowl with a 24" center bowl with a water feature with fibre optics. The outer bowl has a stainless steel ring for a full surround fire feature. So here are the first proto-type pictures from the shop.
These pictures show what happens when it gets darker as the fire is attracted to the water. Opposites attract, maybe this is why most of us are still together. The question is" Who is the FIRE?"
No we add the fibre optics in the center bowl.
The glass we used was our Multi Mix. At least 80 colors are showing.
You can change the water head for a different effect.
We are going to be showing this for the first time in Palm Springs on December 06 2007 on Thursday evening at the Village Fest. This is just a base you would build your table around and we can add any feature or effect you would like. We will be adding several features to this fire/ water feature in the next few weeks. We will be posting pictures from the Village Fest after the first showing. If you dream it, we will build it.

The pictures below are of the fire pit on the roof top of the Marriott in downtown San Diego in the Gas Lamp District on the 24th floor, very cool view if your ever there. The 2 half round 24" x 48" stainless steel rings were made custom for this fire pit. The glass that was used was a 50/50 mix of Starfire and Black. Very nice effect along with the view.
marriott 5marriott 4
marriott 3marriott 2
marriott 1
The half round burners below were installed at the Marriott "Gas Lamp" San Diego, California in a 72" Fire pit. We will post pictures of the finished project when we get the pictures sent to us. These were 24" x 48" stainless steel half round burners.
half 1half 2
half 3half 4
half 5

The fire pit below was designed by Dwayne in Arizona at
We used Bronze glass and stainless steel burners in this fire pit on the roof top. Great design and view.
d 1d 2
d 3d 4

The fire pit below can be purchased complete or we can manufacture the drop in kit for any table in any size or material/ media. That's what we do, we create and invent for you the customer. We take it one step further for you. We take an idea and create it from your ideas.
Check out the next 23 pictures on this new fire, rock, glass and water feature.
fw 1
fw 2
fw 3
fw 4
fw 5
fw 6
fw 7
fw 8
fw 9
fw 10
fw 11
fw 12
fw 13
fw 14
fw 15
fw 16
fw 17
fw 18
fw 19
fw 20
fw 21
fw 22
fw 23

The fire pit below has Azurlite, 1/2" Azurlite, Ice Ice Ice, Starfire and Platinum in the center. Lava rock was used to minimize on the use of glass to keep it in the budget.
fire pit 1
fire pit 2
fire pit 3

The fire pit below is in Malibu California which no one could figure out how to do what we did. The customer didn't want to see the fire pit hood anymore. So we just raised it. And everyone said it couldn't be done! This is what we like to do, take imagination and make it a reality. The base was provided by the customer we just supplied the "raise the hood" and the ring and Bronze and Bronze Reflective glass.
diane 1
The vent went up 20 feet. E mail us and we will tell you how this was done.
diane 2
diane 4
diane 6
diane 7
diane 8
diane 9

The pictures below will show you how to install a propane burner and valve in your fire pit without drilling a hole in the side of your fire pit with our FPPK (fire pit propane kit). This was install in Calabasas California with Bronze and Bronze Reflective on top. The fire pit has 10" solid sides which made this a good candidate for the FPPK to be installed on the inside wall. This is a propane fire pit and we do calibrate every valve to every ring we install to eliminate back flow and any problems or issues that may happen. We also install the proper air mixer to insure a clean burn as we eliminate the soot know to be produced by propane. If you have a propane fire pit you know what I am talking about.
fppk 1
fppk 2
fppk 3
fppk 4
fppk 5
fppk 6
fppk 7
fppk 8
The fire pit and fireplace below are located at the hotel Casa 425 in Claremont California, downtown Claremont. . The fireplace had a splash of Clear base glass over a ribbon burner with a remote control for a simple but elegant look.
The fireplace is just inside the front doors as you enter to greet you.
casa 1
casa 2
casa 3
casa 4
casa 5
The fire pit below is also at the hotel Casa 425, and is in the court yard at the hotel. There are 2 of the fire pits and they are 60" x 60" x 20" tall and they are powder coated black with a Clear base glass installed over an 18 round stainless steel ring.
casa pit 1
casa pit 2
It's like Where's Waldo, can you spot the 2 fire pits below?
casa pit 3
casa pit 4
casa pit 5
casa pit 6
casa pit 7
casa pit 8

The electronic ignitions that were used in the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale, Arizona were our MVKEI HC-5 units for natural gas. We used flame rod sensors on these torches.
tiki 1
tiki 2
13 of these were installed around the hotel
tiki 3
We use 12" stainless steel rings on the torches.
tiki 4
tiki 5
tiki 6
The 5 RV fire pits below are just after fabrication. They are 24" x 24" with a single 18" stainless steel rings installed.
rv 1
rv 3
rv 4
rv 5
These can be made in any size or shape.
The RV fire pit below is a standard 18 x 18 with a 12" stainless steel ring.
rv 6
rv 7
rv 8

The RV fire pit below was and is used by Rrivre Works in Los Angeles . They are on of the premier event planners in Southern California. Check out their web site.
They used our standard 14" x 14" RV fire pits and built tables around them with a frosted glass table top for the Linda Young Event in Newport Beach California. These can be made for natural gas or propane. The ones used were propane. We will be working with Rrivre on several up coming event and we will be posting a few over the top new products. We are going to be building water and fire features for some of the events. Be sure to check out his web site!
rv 2
rv 1

The fire pit below is a custom propane fire pit. We use perforated aluminum for the wall construction and the pit is single wall construction with a 1 1/2" deep pan on top. We installed a 12" double stainless steel ring for the burner. The rest was done by Bill Moss in Texas. Very nice job Bill!. We built the pit to Bills specs which were 26" x 26" x 20" tall so he could finish it to the size he wanted. The pit shown is one of our proto types and not the actual pit used.
propane fire pit 1
Above is how it started
And below is what the customer made it!
bill 1
bill 2
bill 3
bill 4
bill 5
bill 6
bill 7
bill 8
Above and below is the quick disconnect for the propane gas
bill 9
bill 10
We use Black base glass in the fire pit. It looks light because of the flash from the camera.
bill 11

The pictures below are for the opening "90210" Malibu party on the night of the series premier. Click on the link to see the full story and write up from BizBash .
We use Starfire in our propane RV Fire pits on the Malibu Beach Party.
90210 a
The tables were furnished by and we furnished the RV Fire Pits.
90210 b

The fire pit below was another failed attempt from a company called Fire By Design in Nevada. They helped these customers design a propane fire pit with an electronic ignition (fair at best) and with the lack of knowledge about propane here is the failed attempt. The ring was to placed above the glass according to the manufacture (wrong!). There was no air mixer/ venturi let alone calibrating for proper air mixture to insure a clean burn. The company would not even return any calls to the customer and we repaired the system and made it work properly. This home was on the beach in South Florida.
nasty 1
nasty 2
nasty 3
nasty 4
nasty 5
nasty 6
Several thing went wrong here, wrong filler (lava was too large), Bad cage design over the pilot light/ ignition, they buried the ignition system under the ring and glass, the ring was left on the surface, no air mixer, no customer support, the ring that was supplied was a steel ring for outdoors, wrong! This should of been a stainless steel ring and a strong recommendation for a cover because it was at the beach! We would of also given the option of a #304 stainless steel marine grade ring. We also manufacture our our rings as well.
nasty 7
nasty 8
nasty 9

The fire pit below is in the Palace of Qatar and this was commissioned for the King of Qatar. The fire pit is a propane/ butane fueled fire pit and it was installed by Gasco of Qatar. They didn't understand the glass so they opted to use lava rock. Now they (the King) have ordered the glass and if we can get the pictures we will post them.
qater 2
We did propane for the King and there are no issues! Awesome marble!
qater 3
qater 4

The fire pit below is filled with lava rock and then was topped with a base of Clear base glass. Then they covered the Clear with Azurlite and topped it with a few Ice Ice Ice cubes. A funny story comes with this fire pit. Elliott came out from the San Fernando Valley as he was sent by his mother, which was tooooo busy to come out herself. She told Elliott to pick out the colors he liked which he did (he was told to pick amber colors). He went home with Amber and Gold and set up the fire pit which actually looked very nice. Well to his demise his mother did not like Amber at all! She made Elliott pick out all of the Amber and replace it with what you see here. Yes we did exchange the glass for him to prevent his mother from further punishing Elliott. We will post the Amber pictures when we come across them in our files.
elliott 6
elliott 8
elliott 1
elliott 2
elliott 3
elliott 4
Elliott: It turned out very nice! I hope your Mother is happy now.
elliott 5

The fire pit below has a Azurlite base glass and a black granite ring for one very nice fire pit!
sam 1
sam 2
sam 3

The fire pit below has a Bronze base glass with Bronze Reflective and Scarlett Topper on top.
ken 1
ken 2
ken 3

The fire pit below is one of several Katrina builds in the San Francisco Bay area. She will build anything thing you can imagine in here field of design. Please contact us so we an put you in touch with Katrina.
The fire pit below she used a Clear base glass.
katrina 1
katrina 2
katrina 3

The fire pit below has a black Base with Black Reflective on top.Not too great of a fire pit picture but you get the idea. Even with Black as a base glass you will only see the color of glass under the fire. The flames don't change color nor does the glass, but the glass is what will reflect the light at night.
rw 1


The fire pit below is a custom fire pit in Covina, California with one really great back yard design. This back yard was designed for great parties. If you look and see the glass wall with the etching you will also see the fire pit in the back ground. The glass that was used: Gray and Clear Pyrite base glass, Gold Reflective, and Copper Blue Topper. This is one really good looking table.
compass fire pit 1

compass fire pit 2
compass fire pit 3
compass fire pit 4
compass fire pit 5
compass fire pit 6
compass fire pit 8

Las Vegas Yard Crashers!

This will air in April of 2010!
Here is a preview
Ahned Hassan
This is what was done on the first day. I showed up on the beginning of the second and the final day. It's amazing what can take place in just 12 hours!
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 1
Above the pavers were installed the day before.
Below is the patio with the outdoor kitchen set aside for now.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 2
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 3
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 4
Above is where the outdoor kitchen will reside later.
Even the palm trees were brought in! There was nothing on the site when it started the day before.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 5
Below Ahmed was leveling the ground around the fire pit area. Ahmed worked all day, much harder than anyone else! I was very impressed how hard he actually works to get the show done.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 6
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 7
Below is where the propane fire pit will sit. The controller will be mounted to the side of the concrete base after the paper tubes are cut away.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 8
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 9
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 10
Above and below you can see the inside of the planter is coated to prevent water from leaching out.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 11
Above you can see on the ground that we brought the fire bowl in. Just so you know it was about 300 lbs!
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 12
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 13
Above and below you can see outdoor kitchen. The trough coming out is actually water fall spilling into a dry creek bed below. The water feature was covered with a glass top making it a dining area as well. On the inner wedges they wrapped rope lights to accent the water and rocks under the glass top.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 14
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 15
Above and below you can see the sand was installed as a base for the artificial grass to come.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 16
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 17
Above they are compacting the sand for the grass to be installed.
Below Ahmed is finishing the dry creek bed.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 18
Below the grass is installed.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 19
Below the dry creek bed is finished and the grass is now installed in the back are as well.
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 20
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 21
Above is our fire bowl on propane. We used Starfire base glass with Ice and Diamonds on top. We brought out several colors of Diamonds for the customer to pick and choose but she liked them all so much, she installed every last one!
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 22
Below you can see after everything was cleaned up how spectacular it turned out!
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 23
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 24
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 25
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 26a
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 27
Las Vegas Yard Crashers 28
We are to feature several more episodes with Yard Crashers and we will be showing several more of our new product lines on their shows. We still have several shows we need to post pictures of what we did. Please come back from time to time to see our latest updates.
I thank Ahmed and the producers of the Yard Crashers for giving us the opportunity to work with them.
Thanks to Tiffany, Krystal and Holly at the Big Table Mediaq!
Big Table Media produces Yard Crashers for the DIY Network

The fire pit below was built by Mark Showalter in Washington state.

He used:

Gray and Gray Reflective base glass,

Gray Pyrite,

Copper Ruby Red Topper,

and Black base glass mixed in.

This is the stone pot with the bottom up.

Mark Showalter 1

Mark Showalter 2

Mark Showalter 3

They drilled for the trimming valve to be installed.

Mark Showalter 4

Mark Showalter 5

Mark Showalter 6

Mark Showalter 7

Mark Showalter 8

Mark Showalter 9

Mark Showalter 10

Mark Showalter 13

Mark Showalter 15

Mark Showalter 16

Mark Showalter 17

Mark Showalter 18

A picture is worth a thousand words, and here you have it.

Mark Showalter 19


The fire pit below (from Randy Cox) has a Clear base with Pale Cobalt Blue Topper and Aquamarine Topper for a simple but very nice fire pit.
Below you can see the larger 3/4"/ 1" crushed lava rock as a base filler.
Below you can now see our 1/4" crushed lava to finish off the larger lava.
The glass goes in and your finished!.
Randy installed a 22" stainless ring and when he took the picture he had the flame on low.

The fire pit below belongs to Chad Haupert. He used an Azurlite base with Azurlite Reflective on top. Then he created a star in the center using Bronze Rust Copper with and outline of Ice Ice Ice. We didn't get pictures of the complete pit nor of it burning. But it looks great!

The burner below is one of our FPPK's (fire pit propane kit). With this FPPK we set it up for Black Magic! This was table tested for the pictures. Hopefully the customer will send us pictures after and during installation. We first sent these pictures for the customers approval. Here you go! The pan below belongs to Scott Spector and he finally installed the fire pit in his back yard, WOW, one really nice backyard!
black magic 1
This is one of our propane pan burner with slight modifications.
black magic 2
black magic 3
black magic 4
As you can see around the lower edges it was leaking and yes we did fix this.
black magic 5
black magic 6

The fire pit below was built by Scott Spector in Florida. He started with an FPPK 30 which includes a 30" base plate and a double 24" stainless steel ring. Here we go from the beginning:
The propane line was run/ installed under the pavers.

The colors that were used are
1/2" Clear base,
Black Magic in the center,
Clear Diamonds,
Cobalt Blue Topper,
Clear Topper,

Cobalt Blue Light Topper
and our FPPK 30". That is our 30" propane burner. You can see the actual burner above burning before shipment and installation.

We don't have any pictures of the fire pit burning at Scott's but he did tel us that when he fired it up again he would try to send us a few pictures. Thanks Scott.


The fire table below was built by Christina "Stina" in the San Francisco area. With a little ambition, imagination and our help, she now has one very nice fire table.
Here is where it started. She made a template of the pan and where the mounting tabs would be located. Then we built the aluminum pan and propane burner for Stina to install.

Below is how the teak table started. We just brought it into the future.

Below the pan was installed with Galaxy Green base glass.

Below you can see the top installed and what a difference.

Below is her wonderfully finished project, Great job Stina!


The fire pit below is going to be installed in Sacramento on 11 14 09 for the Yard Crashers/ DIY/ HGTV show. After it is and has been installed we will post pictures on the Yard Crashers page. In the mean time here is the how to and why. We can build any size, shape, design feature you desire. We build to your imagination.
Below is the catch basin to hold the water for the feature

Above you see the auto fill?
Below the water pump is now install below.

Below the top pan is in place for testing with the fire and water bowls in place

Below the stainless steel ring is installed.

Below the glass (Bronze base glass) has been installed and the lights turned on.

Below you can see the pump has been turned on.
and now the fire.
We placed a card board template to replicate the table top to conceal the lights as well.
Now we add color to the water!
Here is the feature exposed with the blue water. You can change the water to any color you like.
This feature is only 6 1/2" tall. You can mount this under the table top and keep it only an inch or so above the surface of the table top.
So let's change it to red water and add Starfire base glass.
Remember, we build to your imagination!
The finished pictures will be posted on the Yard Crashers page when this project is installed after 11 14 09!

The Fire Table below was installed in Sacramento California by and for Yard Crashers. The finished pictures will be posted on the Yard Crashers page when this project is installed after 01 20 10. This episode was to be labeled "Outdoor Shower" on HGTV and the DIY Network but somehow it was labeled "Modern Fire Wall" go figure? It is episode 302 on HGTV or DIY Network. The details will be shown on the DIY page when and as soon as we receive them from the producers. We built a square aluminum pan with an 18" double stainless steel ring and used one of our FPPK kits for the propane fuel. This will be shown on the episode coverage as well. Here are the pictures of the back yard and the finished fire table using propane.
Yard Crashers Shower 4
Yard Crashers Shower 5
Yard Crashers Shower 6
Yard Crashers Shower 7
Yard Crashers Shower 8

The fire pit below has V Blue, V Blue Reflective and topped with Cobalt Blue Topper
John Amiee 1
John Amiee 2
John Amiee 3
John Amiee 4
John Amiee 5
John Amiee 6

The fire pit below was built to the customers specs. It was 48" round, 10" tall with 8" legs and constructed from 1/4" aluminum. Then powder coated to match the customers request. We will fill in the details as we go.
New York Fire Pit 1
New York Fire Pit 2
New York Fire Pit 3
Above you can see the cross grid to support the false bottom.
New York Fire Pit 5
Above you can see the false bottom making it possible to fill it with a 2" fill over the ring.
New York Fire Pit 6
A custom 42" stainless steel burner had to be built.
New York Fire Pit 7
New York Fire Pit 8
The center leg was for the gas and electrical for the electronic ignition
New York Fire Pit 9
Hopefully we will get pictures of the fire pit installed on top of the water fall in New York.

The fire pit below is a mix of V Blue base glass and Azurlite base glass.
Gary Janz 1
Gary Janz 2
Gary Janz 3
Gary Janz 4

The fire pit below is located in San Diego, Gable Point Loma. There were 2 electronic ignitions installed and a false bottom was installed. We filled the base with Clear base glass and 1/2" Clear base glass.The lines were installed from the back.
Gables Point Loma 1
Below are the electronic ignitions.
Gables Point Loma 2
Gables Point Loma 3
Framing/ metal studs were installed and two layers of durock was then installed to support the glass.
Gables Point Loma 8
Gables Point Loma 7
Gables Point Loma 6
Finished! Gables Point Loma 5

The fire pit below is from Chad McGraw in Washington State. He took a simple patio and transformed it into a fire pit and seating area. The electronic ignition was installed under the bench to the left and accessible from the rear of the seating area.
Chad 1
Chad 2 Chad 3

The fire pit below is from Frank Hammond. He created a beach environment in his back yard. He purchased a wood burning fire pit and we converted it to a gas burning pit. We also supplied a quick disconnect gas line to eliminate plumbing underground. he used a Bronze base glass over a bed of crushed lava and topped it with Gold base glass.
Frank Hammond 1
Frank Hammond 2 Frank Hammond 3

The fire pit below is in San Diego California. First we built 2 new half oval stainless
steel rings. To replace a futile attempt of burner rings by the contractor. If you don't want your rings to rust, cover them or purchase stainless steel. We will explain as we move on.
sd 17
We converted the mishap of rings with two valves, one for each ring. The first issue was the contractor installed a 1/2" gas line, oops. Way too small for the distance. The home owner had to have the pressure turned up by the gas company. Sometimes this is not possible. We spit one line into two. This enabled us to equalize flames in each burner half.
sd 14
sd 13
Here are the two half oval rings.
sd 12
Below are the two key valves.
sd 7sd 16
sd 15
Cover the rings with the amount of filler (crushed lava) to make the shape you would like the pit to be.
sd 8
Start to pour your glass. We used Evergreen base glass with Evergreen Reflective base glass.
sd 9
sd 10
sd 11
sd 3
sd 2
sd 5
Here we have it. The customer did get the pressure turned up but we did not get any further pictures.
SD 1

The fire pit below was installed in Sydney, Australia by Ian Sutherland. He did a great job on his new patio and fire pit. We inspired him to build this really nice back yard project and we were glad to help. The glass that was used was Azurlite and Starfire base glass.
Australia 11
Australia 11
Australia 10
Australia 8
Australia 6
Australia 5
Australia 3
Australia 2
Australia 1

The fire pit pictures below are of a simple overflow water feature with Fire Stones all around.
Exotic Flames 1
Exotic Flames 2
Exotic Flames 3
The fire ring that was used was a 30" round side feed. We make custom rings for any application. Either for propane or natural gas fire pits or fireplaces.

The fire pit pictures below were taken by and for the Sweat Equity weekly HGTV Do It Yourself TV Show. The FireGlass that was installed was:
Starfire base,
Blue Diamonds,
Ford Blue base glass,
with an 18" stainless steel fire pit ring burner with out the center to accommodate the water feature. All of the fire glass was placed around the pile of fire rocks in the center. The top of the table is removable if you ever needed to service the water pump or any other reason. Always build and design it with replacement or repair in mind.
Now for the fire pit pictures:
Sweat Equity 8
Sweat Equity 7
Sweat Equity 6
Sweat Equity 5
Aquatic Glassel was used in this and every application.

Sweat Equity 4
There was an aluminum sub frame built with durock attached. Then the stone was applied to the surface. All of the components are under the removable top.

Sweat Equity 3
This episode will air on or around May of 2010 on HGTV and the DIY Network.

Sweat Equity 2
Sweat Equity 1

The picture of the fire pit below was taken in Newport Beach California. The glass that was installed was Starfire base glass. One very nice backyard and fire pit!
Rhonda 1

Click Here to see the
"Todd Gilbert Table!"

The next fire pit is from Sandee Visintin and the glass that was used was:
In a stainless steel octagonal fire pit at the beach.
If you take note a 1/2" piece of glass was placed on top of the fire pit for day time use.
Below is where it all started.
Sandee Visintin 1
Sandee Visintin 2
Sandee Visintin 3
Sandee Visintin 4
Sandee Visintin 6
Sandee Visintin 7
If you look closely you can see the reflection of the glass top cover. Not a bad idea!
Sandee Visintin 8
Here is what Sandee and Frank had to say:
Hi Ed,

We love our fire pit, and so does everyone else who sees it. Your rock is gorgeous…

We keep a glass octagonal table top on it when not in use; the rock is always visible, even when used as simply a coffee table.

Thanks for your beautiful product and great service!!

Sandee and Frank Visintin
Sandee Visintin 5

The next fire pit was build/ constructed by Rose Harms in Wyoming. Long story behind this one with what the plumbers were telling her and what actually happened. We will explain as we go.
Rose Harms 1
Above and below you can see we had her install a gas line with a quick disconnect hose.
Here is what Rose had to say:
Hi Ed and Claudia,
Wanted to be sure I got the photos to you of our completed fire pit.
Here are the steps we went through:

Bought the brick/blocks (no lip on the stones) from Lowe's, put in circle, 3 rows high.
Bought the iron fire pit at Lowe's and placed on and inside fire pit. -note -it is iron, so I sprayed it with HIGH HEAT paint, in Copper. Wow!
got plumber to run natural gas from deck above (outlet for BBQ) and under the deck, ran down the deck post and he put in a Shut Off valve there.
It turns.
He ran a precise hole through the bottom off the fire pit to hold pipe for gas to the double ring burner (from Moderustic of course) and it is stainless
steel (no rust). At the bottom of the deck post is a flexible hose which goes over to the fire pit. It CAN be disconnected or even roll up and
shove inside fire pit (after it is cooled).

Note: you do need to chop off a piece of the block, or else just pull one out when you are using the
fire pit. (Kind of like Jenga -just pull out the stone, the others support the fire pit) Unless you can successfully saw off a piece of the stone.

Lit the burner to be sure it works well. It did.

We put in the 1" lava rock in the bottom of copper fire pit and then filled in the spaces with 1/4" lava rock. Should have used More! When we went to
cover the burner we were short on the fireglass. So we ordered more. Still looks beautiful.

Got rest of glass and made circles with the glass and it is beautiful. There are photos of it burning last night!! Lots of warmth on a typical
cool Wyoming evening.

Brick: $200, Fire Pit $79 on sale, double ring SS burner $126, glass -about $250, gas line -don't know yet but guessing $200. Maybe $750-800 total.
And -the way it is made, we could actually dismantle and move it. No mortar in stones. We are very happy with our fire pit and thanks to Ed and the gals
at Moderustic, we were able to make the right choice for glass and burner. Thanks Ed, Rebecca and Claudia. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Could not have managed
this without your guidance. We love being DYI-ers but directions are needed!! We appreciate all your help.

Rose and Doug Harms, Cheyenne Wyoming
Rose Harms 8
Mind that the customers stacked their own bricks!
Rose Harms 5
Rose Harms 6
Rose Harms 7
The glass that was used:
and the rest is history!
Rose Harms 3
Rose Harms 4
Rose Harms 9
Rose Harms 10
This was originally going to be propane but if you have natural gas, then use it if you can. It will cost less in the long run.
Rose Harms 11

The fire pit below was built and designed by Brett Parks in Indiana. Brett came to us to help hm create his water fire feature for his back yard and be able to winterize it during their frigid winters. The glass he used was a:
We then built a custom shape stainless steel burner to fit his idea. We will explain as we go.
Here is his original concept drawing:
Parks 11
Below is his layout with pavers, electrical and gas line coming up.
Parks 1
6" deep water tank.
Parks 2
Parks 3
Stack a few more pavers.
 Parks 4
Let's test it!
Parks 5
Parks 6
A custom size and configuration ring was fabricated.
Parks 7
Now your done!
Parks 8
Parks 9
Parks 10

The fire feature was commissioned by Mark and Jair in Long Beach California. The very top bowl was filled with Ford Blue Fire Glass and the bowl below has 300 fibers installed. The fiber optics changes colors of can be stationary or change colors at will. The water in the fiber optics bowl spins and spills over onto the rock base.
We will explain as we move forward. Evening pictures with the fiber optics in motion and the under lighting will be shown as soon as we can visit the site in Long Beach in the evening.
Mark Long Beach 1
First the utilities were ran underground (18") and this is generally permit required work.
Mark Long Beach 2
Second, the pond liner is installed and then we drop in our feature. This feature was powder coated at the request of the customer.
Mark Long Beach 3
Mark Long Beach 4
Below is the NEMA enclosure to house the electronics and fiber optics.
Mark Long Beach 5
Mark Long Beach 6
We installed 3 = 2,700 GPH (gallon per hour) pumps to power the flow of water. We turned each pump down to accommodate the proper water flow.
Mark Long Beach 7
Level the top fountain.
Mark Long Beach 9
Mark Long Beach 8
Above you see the NEMA box exposed, it will be covered with stone as soon as the electrician finishes his switch installations. There will be one switch for each of the 3 pumps, fiber optics, fiber optics color wheel and under the top bowl we installed lighting to illuminate the rock below in the the evening.
Mark Long Beach 10
Mark Long Beach 11
Mark Long Beach 12
Above and below the electrical panel will be completely covered.
Mark Long Beach 13
Mark Long Beach 14
Mark Long Beach 15
Mark Long Beach 16
Mark Long Beach 17
Mark Long Beach 18

We can build these fountains for you to install yourself or we can aid you in building your own. We can help you design and or build your fire and water feature. Finished and evening pictures still to come!
The fire pit below is from Scott Woods. He installed a Starfire base glass and Topped it with Copper Blue Topper and Cobalt Blue Topper.
Scott Woods 10
Scott Woods 9
Scott Woods 8
Scott Woods 7

Steve Hinojos (S.B. County Sheriff) built two fire pits using propane. One of which was a Wine Barrel Fire Pit and the other a traditional (oopsies on this one!). We will explain as we move on.
Steve Hinojos 4
We supplied the know how and all of the parts to make his Wine Barrel Fire Pit a success! great job Steve!
Steve Hinojos 3
Steve Hinojos 5
We also supplied Steve with the all of the propane parts to make his fire table work properly as well. It's when we got his pictures that we noticed the ROCKS! You can't burn ROCKS, they EXPLODE! This you can see in the Famous "How Not To Do It" page. Initially he had no problems but once they took on moisture, sure enough he was back for some safe and sound glass!
Steve Hinojos 2
All in all, great job Steve!
Steve Hinojos 1

The fire pit below is a propane fire pit. Notice that there is no soot! If you do it right, then it is done right! We are very proud of this fact. The base glass is a Starfire base glass topped with a Copper Blue Topper.
Yvonne Abbas 2
On the picture below you can see the Propane pilot cover/ blow out box at the bottom of the picture. When I received these pictures I didn't understand the dark chunks???? The customer was being creative and dropped in a few chunks of lava.
Yvonne Abbas 1
Yvonne Abbas 3
Yvonne Abbas 4
This particular Topper is a Copper Blue Topper, meaning we use copper and chrome to manufacture the glass. What this means is that when the glass gets hot, it turns green (because of the copper) and when it cools it returns to blue (because of the chrome). We actually have almost 30 colors which change colors. We hope to introduce these chameleons in the near future. But for now they are just hiding amongst the other colors.
Yvonne Abbas 5

The fire pit below was designed by Tim Warden of Orange County, California. We helped finish the design/ build of this fire pit.
We will explain as we go forward:
Start with a cantilever design off of the deck overhanging the hill side.
Orange County Fire Pit 1
Close up of the control valves
Orange County Fire Pit 2
Two valves to control two burners. Don't expect to push gas into a massive burner then hope it goes where you want it to??? This helps equalize the pressure to each burner.
Orange County Fire Pit 3
Below the plumbing is now finished.
Orange County Fire Pit 4
Test burn
Orange County Fire Pit 5
We used two 50" "T" burners in #304 Stainless Steel.
Orange County Fire Pit 6
Copper cladding was added to the top portion and wrapped in water proofing material.
Orange County Fire Pit 7
Durock (cement board) was added the the lower portion for an application of smooth stucco.
Orange County Fire Pit 8

Orange County Fire Pit 9
Orange County Fire Pit 10
Ford Blue base glass was added with Ford Blue Reflective
Orange County Fire Pit 11
Orange County Fire Pit 12
Starting to look nice! Real Nice! No that's not Marijuana in the back ground!
Orange County Fire Pit 13
The 1/2" glass panels get installed with stand off clips on the back side so you don't see the installation.
Orange County Fire Pit 14
Looking from across the pool, very cool!
Orange County Fire Pit 15

The next several pictures show you a flip top box design for a fire pit control panel. It is constructed from stainless steel or could be made from aluminum. The trimming valves are for adjusting the flame are inside along with an electronic key to activate the electronic ignition. These were made for an apartment complex and only the management had control of the electronic ignition. Here are the pictures.
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 7
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 6
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 5
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 4
These two separate boxes were made to fit each specific fire pit.
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 3
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 2
Fireplace Fire Pit Keyed Switch 1

The fire pit below was designed and built by Tamara Lyons and her wonderful family! Junior help most. The glass that was used is:
Bronze Rust Copper base glass,
E.D. Diamonds, Red and Orange,
Amber Diamonds,
Orange R140 Topper, this particular color is one of our chameleons. It turns a bright cherry red when heated and cools back to orange when cooled!
The fire pit had three sets of burners. One in the center and one on each outer edge. This way you can control how large, how much and where you can have fire when you want it.
Tamara Lyons 4
This is how it started
Tamara Lyons 5
Pea gravel base

Tamara Lyons 1
Measure once, cut twice.
Tamara Lyons 2
Ohhh, what color?? There are sooo many. What to do????
Tamara Lyons 3
So we sent a make up of what colors they liked. We can do this for you as well. Just tell us what colors you want and we will mix a batch and send you the pictures!
Tamara Lyons 9
Tamara Lyons 6
Tamara Lyons 7
Tamara Lyons 8
Tamara Lyons 10
You should of seen the rest of the back yard! Who needs a house! I would live in the back. Tamara Lyons 11

The next 27 pictures are of the Dominic Fire Water Feature finished and ready for crating/ shipping.

Here we go: The pictures explain themselves.

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature


Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature


CLICK HERE or on the pictures below to see how Knott's Berry Farm fire pit finished!
Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm

Knott's Berry Farm



Click HERE to see how it was made, allong with Videos or on the pictures below:

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

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We Make Fire Cool!

Moderustic® is proud to have been issued 5 U.S. Patent Numbers
and 1 Patent pending status!  5th one just awarded notice of allowance 10/23/2021
Covering our method of creating tumbled tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire pits.
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Moderustic® is proud to have been issued 5 U.S. Patent Numbers
and 1 Patent pending status!  5th one just awarded notice of allowance 10/23/2021
Covering our method of creating tumbled tempered glass for use in fireplaces and fire pits.
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